Make your work better.


My life’s mission is to help others, and the generations that follow them, have a better life experience. I use all my energies to develop myself and expand my heart out to others; I remain mindful that self-actualization comes through self-transcendence. And so to that end, I strive each day to live up to the promise of my three responsibilities:

My first responsibility is to my students – those people who use the tools I create that help them change their lives for the better. I am a teacher first. I embrace the place from which my students find me on their journey; I honor their vulnerability, exercise my grace, and recognize that the path of personal development is neither straight nor flat. I am direct and speak truthfully. I do not allow fear to deny my students opportunities for growth. I say what needs to be said as many times as it needs to be heard. By helping my students recognize the value of their life, they realize their intrinsic perfection. Everything that I contribute to their journey is done with dignity and comes from a place of love.

My second responsibility is to my team – those employees, partners, affiliates, and others who work with me throughout the world. Every member of my team is seen and treated as an individual. I am mindful of my role and the privilege I have to be in their lives. All actions taken with my team are fair, just, ethical, and transparent. All members of my team feel free to voice their opinions and are extended the respect of being heard. I support my team with my presence, opportunities for growth, and a sense of security. My responsibility to my team requires that I operate a profitable business so that they are paid fairly and adequately.

My third responsibility is that of a citizen – of my community, my country, and the world. I must be a good citizen in the places where I live, work, and serve. I show up and stand up for causes of justice, equality, and peace. I use my voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. I support people and organizations who share my values and ideals for a better world.