Hi I’m Chad Peevy and today I wanna talk about perspective.

And so I’m gonna share my slides with you and walk you through what is, I guess it could, it’s my perspective octagon. It has eight different sides to it and what I wanna do is just share with you how I sometimes look at life, perspective being the lens through which we look at our current circumstances or we currently look at our life.

Sometimes those are positive and sometimes those are negative. I wanted to show you how I’m looking at it because quite honestly this is something that I have to battle with all the time. It’s getting my mind in the right spot and keeping a positive perspective on my life and my outlook. I wanted to share that with you today and so I’m gonna provide you, if you’re watching this on YouTube you can click the link below to go to the blog post for this video where you can download the worksheet that I’m providing and if you’re on the blog post already, just look down below for a link to download the worksheet.

Because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you my octagon and I would like for you to create your octagon and using mine as sort of a template for how you create yours. So let’s jump right in.

So as you can see here on this slide, there’s my octagon which is the lens through which I am looking at life and inside you see the word up here comparison. And this I think is a really dangerous place to be, not only in business, we hear in business don’t compare the front end of somebody else’s business to the back end of yours. And what people mean by that is, people are only sharing the good and the positive things that are happening in their business and you may be feeling like your business is a disaster. It may be chaos because you get to see everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly. And especially if you have a team, you’re seeing a lot of the ugly because a lot of times your team is helping you with those things that don’t really need to make it to your plate. And a lot of times the things that the team may be filtering out are those positive interactions, the thank you’s and the accolades that you get for doing the work that you do. So especially if you’re in a leadership position in your organization it’s sometimes tough to see the full picture because you’re dealing with so many of the issues day in and day out. But when we’re looking at life through comparison, when we’re comparing our lives to that of others, it can be an easy time for us to get down on ourselves and feel frustrated with where we are.

The alternative to that is to look at your strengths. Look at the things that you’ve done well, look at what’s going great in your life, look at what those things are that make you uniquely you, that make you special, that allow you to bring value to your customers, that allow you to bring value to relationships, whatever those things are. I think that’s a much healthier place to be, a different lens to look through your life than one of comparison.

What’s worked well? How can you recreate that?

The second one is loneliness and this is tough for so many people. There are studies coming out more and more that we are one of the loneliest and most isolated societies in the history of man and it’s a real epidemic. People are feeling more and more isolated, more and more lonely, which is ironic because we have all of these different ways to connect now through social media and online platforms but more and more we are feeling isolated and lonely.

And so to combat that, I would say reach out and ask for help. Reach out and look for those people that support you and what you’re doing, that support you in your life, that support you in being you and ask for that help. Seek out those interactions so that you can be around people that are gonna lift you up and make you feel less lonely. And I know that that may sound super easy and condensed down into something that’s just too simple, but this can be one of the things that you get up in the morning and think about, one of the actions that you can take today to make today productive, to live your best life, and one of the things that you can put on that list of things to do is to make sure that you connect with people that make you feel good about who you are and who you are working to be.

The next one is uncertainty and this is one that I think a lot of us struggle with that are business owners because we look down the pike, we look down the path, and it’s very, very uncertain and there’s so many variables that we do not control that we don’t understand that are not in focus for us right now that can impact what that path is gonna look like, what our futures look like. Something could happen to the market, something, a natural disaster could come along. Anything could happen. We could get sick, a family member could get sick. So many things could happen, right? And that’s the operative word there, so many things could happen and those, our mind immediately goes there because we’re always trying to survive, right? Our minds go to survival and we’re always looking at risk and trying to figure out how to mitigate those risks and make the most of any situation. So that’s where our mind naturally goes.

I think one way to overcome that way of thinking is to look back at your track record. What have you done in your past that has gotten you to where you are now? What is your track record so far? Is it one that is littered with chaos and tragedy and natural disasters? Maybe, but probably not, and even if so you made it this far. So what are the things that you’ve done along your record of, your track record of success that have made you who you are today?

The next one is randomness. When I look at my life and allow my life to be consumed with randomness, I get random results. And so I think this is also a dangerous lens through which we can view our lives and that is being open to randomness or not keeping our eye on the prize and allowing randomness to come into our life.

The opposite of that, the better lens in my opinion is to be in charge of writing your own story. And what I think about when I think about this is I’m working on a career as a speaker and a teacher, that’s what I wanna be doing more of and I know that the most effective talks that I hear are those where the speaker is telling a story about where they were and where they wound up. And so now when things are happening to me in my life I’m thinking about the story that I wanna be able to tell one year from now, five years, or 10 years from now. What is it that I’m gonna write about this period of my life? This leaves me, this lends me to think that I have more control of my life, and I think that that’s absolutely true. Because we are, I am in the moment framing and writing the stories that I want to be able to tell, so I’m leaving less opportunities for randomness to seek, seep into my life.

Next one is the head in the sand and this is basically shrinking away from your problems. When you’re looking at your life and a problem or a circumstance comes along that has ya down, it’s a bad place to go just to stick your head in the sand and shrink away from your problems.

You are bigger than your problems.

But what I’d rather you do is to look at the opportunities to learn. What is it that I can learn from the experience that I’m having right now? What is the universe teaching me right now about what I’m going through? And what, what should I be learning to get through this, right? I think we should always be thinking about our continuing education, investing in ourselves, reading as much as we can, learning as much as we can about ourselves. And so not just learning the lessons that life is handing you right now but what should you be learning so that you can handle this type of situation even better in the future? So I think it’s a good perspective in our lives to always be continually learning.

The next is being too much into self. Now when I first started my business I think I was very interested in self because self was survival, right? I had to think about me and my business and my income because I had to pay the rent, I had to buy the groceries, I had people to take care of, right?

Get out of self and into service.

So I was all about self, but there does come a point in our lives where we have to get out of self and into service if we really wanna be happy and fulfilled with what we’re doing in our lives. So being of a servant’s mind and being in a servant mindset and adding value for others, creating value for others I think is a healthier perspective through which we can look at our lives.

The next one is fear and there’s so much that we could be afraid of, which it’s no accident that that’s across the way from uncertainty but fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, all of those things it’s easy for our minds to go there. That’s one perspective through which we can look at our lives is one of fear.

The opposite of that is to always show up as your best self no matter what the circumstances might be. So, I think ya know there’s the saying that you fake it until you make it. I don’t really buy into that. I think, especially in this sense if we’re afraid, it’s not like our best self left us. Our best self, our best versions of ourselves is always with us. It may take a little bit more work to muster up that best self in order to get that best self to show up when we need it to, but it’s not faking it, right? And no matter what’s going on in your life, always show as your best self. I find this in my business when we go to collect money from clients who have fallen behind on their payments. And when that happens, when people get in a mindset of scarcity there’s a lot of fear with that and understandably so. But typically when we call to try to collect on that we get yelled at, people are rude, they hang up, they’re just kinda nasty and I know that that’s not really who they are at the core but they’re allowing fear to dictate their behavior in that moment. Would it be better if they just said, “Hey, Chad I’m so sorry but we’re having some rough times “and we’re working on getting our payments caught up “but if you can just give us a month or two “to get this straightened out, we’d really appreciate it.” That would go so much further than being nasty about it and not showing up as your best self.

Your best self is always there, you don’t have to fake it to make it.

The next one is just being unaware. And being unaware of what you currently have and the flip side of that is gratitude.

I don’t think that you can say it enough that one of the best perspectives we can have for our life is being in a perspective of gratitude and appreciating the things that we have, the things that we’ve overcome, the things that we’ve gone through, the things that we’ve been able to achieve and our success and our health, gratitude can completely flip any negative perception that we might have in our lives.

Gratitude can re-frame any perspective.

No matter what this inner circle, how we may be looking at life through one of these lenses of these, the inner circle here, gratitude can help us out overcome any one of those if we can be in a place of gratitude for the things that we have and the things that we’ve done.

This is my octagon for perspective and what I would like to do is challenge you to come up with your own. What you can see here in the middle I’ve put the negative perspective, the places that I tend to go when things are not going my way, those are on the inside. What are those for you? And I’m giving you a worksheet so that you can do this exercise on your own but what are those things that keep you from being your best self, that keep you not feeling great, the things that hold you down? What’s going on with you when that happens? And you may have an octagon, you may have square, you may have a triangle, but whatever that is figure out what those inside things are that are holding you back and then think about the opposite of that and that’s what goes on the outside of the circle. Ya know, instead of being unaware, be in gratitude. Instead of being in fear, show up as my best self. Instead of being in self, be in service. What are those things for you? And so I hope that you’ll take this exercise and get value from it, do the exercise.

I would love it if you would share your feedback with me. You can find me on Facebook or you can always email me and let me know how it went.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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